#FaithinPartnership Week

11th – 15th September 2023

See what happened during our week celebrating and championing cross-sector working!


Happy 75th Birthday to the NHS!

Yesterday marked 75 years of the National Health Service. Founded in 1948, the NHS was the first universal health system to be available to all, free at the point of delivery. The NHS report that “nine in 10 people agree that healthcare should be free […]

Does Government Do God?

Conversation about the recent Bloom report has continued in various fora during recent weeks. These discussions are going to be an essential part of the faith engagement strategy that emerges, whether that looks like a coherent plan or a collection of separate policies and projects. […]

Birthdays matter

It was my birthday recently and, strangely, I was looking forward to the day. Growing up, birthdays were not a big thing. The Singletons made more of Christmas, which of course is a birthday of sorts but at Christmas everybody gets to exchange gifts. Christmas […]