Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up

Faith With its Sleeves Rolled Up provides an answer to anyone who believes the voice of faith is inaudible or irrelevant. Representing a wide range of faith positions, the chapters assembled here consider the practical contribution that faith is currently making to twenty-first-century society, prompting a positive understanding of faith as: a solution-focused innovator; an agent of connectedness, neighbourliness and identity; a catalyst for engagement, involvement and mobilisation; a promoter of a whole-person focus; and, a source of hope.

This diverse collection of essays comprises perspectives ranging from theory to practice, activism to policy, across our diverse religious heritage.

Available now in paperback and e-book!

The book goes to recognise the unseen armies serving our communities, sometimes appreciated by government and public opinion in the media but often not and certainly not to the full extent.

The many perspectives contained in this publication present a compelling argument for the value of active faith in the twenty-first century. We believe that faith is not merely a list of doctrines but a call to action, a motivation to act selflessly and make a positive change to society. FaithAction is in some ways the transmission unit, we want to connect government and faith-based organisation and the private sectors, and we want to drive change.

I am very pleased to say that Faith With its Sleeves Rolled Up is a testament to that ethos.

Daniel Singleton, National Executive Director, FaithAction