The FaithAction Coffee House

We’re holding a FaithAction Coffee House for all of our members.

With the help of one or two guest speakers, we will facilitate a conversation on a topic of interest to you, before opening the floor for each of you to share any stories, best-practices, or challenges you’ve faced. It’s an opportunity for each of you to share what you’ve learnt with others, and to glean wisdom and ideas from each other as you learn about what other members around the country are up to.

You’re likely facing many of the same challenges; why not see if anyone else has a solution!

Wednesday 14th December, 11am

Supporting communities during the festive period

December is now upon us, and we invite you to join the last Coffee House for 2022 to look at how faith groups are supporting people through the festive period.

This time of year is typically associated with joy and festivities; however it can be a painful period for some people that spend the time alone – it is believed that 3.8 million people in Britain are now chronically lonely.  In addition to loneliness and social isolation, the cost of living crisis is piling pressure on many individuals and families

A recent survey by Savanta Comres on behalf the Salvation Army showed that

  • Nearly one in six (16%) expect to use items from a food bank for their festive meal
  • One in seven (14%) cannot afford to give their children a Christmas present this year
  • Nearly one in five (18%) expect to spend time over Christmas in a building that is free to visit so they can keep warm

Faith based organisations are well used to supporting vulnerable people throughout the festive period – come along to the Coffee House and share what you are doing to support your community. We are interested to learn:

  • The extra challenges you are facing this year to provide support
  • If you have received any extra funding to support those in need
  • Innovative ideas for providing support

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