FaithAction Coffee House

We’re opening up a weekly FaithAction Coffee House for all of our members.

With the help of one or two guest speakers, we will facilitate a conversation on a topic of interest to you, before opening the floor for each of you to share any stories, best-practices, or challenges you’ve faced. It’s an opportunity for each of you to share what you’ve learnt with others, and to glean wisdom and ideas from each other as you learn about what other members around the country are up to.

You’re likely facing many of the same challenges; why not see if anyone else has a solution!

Wednesday 3rd June, 11am

This week's theme will be faith practices.

While lockdown and social distancing have put a temporary hold on a lot of the traditional worship and communal activities carried out by faith groups, we of course know they’re not content to simply sit there idle during this trying time.

Join us to discuss how faith communities are adjusting due to the lockdown, and the ways in which they’re still providing for the holistic needs of their community.

Panellists to be announced.

  • Kathy Coe, founder of the Pathway Project
  • More to be confirmed