The FaithAction Coffee House

We’re holding a fornightly FaithAction Coffee House for all of our members.

With the help of one or two guest speakers, we will facilitate a conversation on a topic of interest to you, before opening the floor for each of you to share any stories, best-practices, or challenges you’ve faced. It’s an opportunity for each of you to share what you’ve learnt with others, and to glean wisdom and ideas from each other as you learn about what other members around the country are up to.

You’re likely facing many of the same challenges; why not see if anyone else has a solution!

FaithAction’s Coffee House sessions have proved to be a wealth of information, ideas and tips on good practice that has really helped me understand how faith groups can continue to function under the current challenging conditions. I would highly recommend dropping in on relevant topics. Moira Groborz, Community Services Officer, Braintree Council
An oasis in the week to share inspiration, innovation, ideas and hope through sharing our faith, beliefs and best practice.   Wouldn’t miss it! Kathy Coe, Founder, Pathway Projects
I have really benefited from these meetings, as it has opened up a whole new world! Prior to the lockdown, my work was very narrow and just focused on the day to day running of the Bread Church. We have found the meetings very useful and informative about other faiths. Lorraine Howarth, Bread Church, Liverpool
Wednesday 20 October, 11am

This week's theme is Restrictions on Hospital Visits

The pandemic has drastically altered the care and support that we can provide loved ones in hospital. During the lockdowns, visits to adult wards or Covid-19 patients were completely suspended and tough restrictions were imposed for visiting those with dementia, mental health needs and learning disabilities.

Lots of families were only able to keep in touch with their relatives by phone or video calls. In the worst cases, of which there were many, this led to people being unable to share a loved one’s final moments.

As restrictions have now eased, most hospitals are still imposing restrictions on visiting, for many places only two visitors are permitted, visiting times are less flexible, and in some cases, people are asked to provide a negative lateral flow test.

Come along to the Coffee House to share your thoughts on topics such as:

  • Should hospitals still impose restrictions on visitors?
  • Have you experienced distress linked to hospital visits since the pandemic started?
  • Hear from a local Healthwatch on how they can help

PLUS! Discover more about our Health & Wellbeing Collective – a brand new free opportunity from FaithAction for our members to better connect with the cutting edge of Government health and care policy. Find out how you can get involved and help influence national health policy. 

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