The FaithAction Coffee House

We’re holding a FaithAction Coffee House for all of our members.

With the help of one or two guest speakers, we will facilitate a conversation on a topic of interest to you, before opening the floor for each of you to share any stories, best-practices, or challenges you’ve faced. It’s an opportunity for each of you to share what you’ve learnt with others, and to glean wisdom and ideas from each other as you learn about what other members around the country are up to.

You’re likely facing many of the same challenges; why not see if anyone else has a solution!

Wednesday 9th February, 11am

The COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

On Thursday 27th January, the last of the government’s Plan B restrictions were lifted, with the success of the vaccination programme being cited as one of the major factors behind this. Over 80% of the eligible population has now received two doses, and over 60% has received their booster or third dose.

However, there is still major concern around a lack of vaccine take-up among certain communities. The government, and voluntary-sectory organisations, continue to work hard to encourage vaccine take-up, alleviate the fears and anxieties of those who are hesitant to take the vaccine, and encourage us all to keep ourselves and each other safe. Uptake of the booster is also behind uptake of the first two doses of the vaccine, with many who have already had two doses not coming forward for their third.

  • Is there still concern in your community about vaccines?
  • Are you involved in work around encouraging vaccine take-up?
  • Are there any specific fears or concerns around the booster vaccine?

Join us to share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences.

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