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About Andrew Welsby

Administrator and Projects Secretariat

Andrew is one of FaithAction’s administrators, initially coming in to work on the Creative English programme, but has recently been involved in project managing our Community Champions Programme, directly recruiting and working with our Community Champions. He was also involved in the Faith COVID Response Project, arranging focus groups and becoming the team’s go-to person on the places of worship guidance.

He is also responsible for the administration of our Creative English licence programme, dealing with queries from licence holders. Andrew is involved in our Faith COVID Assistance Partnership, providing infection prevention supplies to places of worship in Tower Hamlets.

What we’ve found: regional roundtables on community cohesion

After three weeks of travelling the country virtually, the FaithAction team has currently spoken to members of faith communities in six of the nine English regions, with the final three taking place this week. Our goal was to talk about the role faith communities around […]

Data is Beautiful

David McCandless’s book Information is Beautiful has become a must-have coffee table book for many. McCandless takes what can often be a dry and boring subject and turns it into a feast for the eyes, creating works of art from data. Who would have thought […]