What I’ve learnt…

So the news is out – I leave FaithAction next week after years of working with the network and supporting those most in need. As I start to get sentimental about what I’ve learned, I thought I would write it down to serve as a […]


On 20th December, NHS England launched a consultation on guidance for Clinical Commissioning Groups as to which over-the-counter items should not routinely be prescribed in primary care… catchy I know! The consultation, however dull the title, is really important and it’s therefore important that you […]

Equipping faith groups to support people with mental health needs

Brighton and Hove Faith in Action (BHFA) is a multi-faith charity in Brighton that supports faith groups that deliver social welfare projects such as food banks, homeless shelters and mental health services. In 2016 we responded to a FaithAction newsletter item concerning a joint project with Mind. We collaborated with Mind in Brighton and Hove (MiBH) and applied for funding to offer mental health awareness training to local faith groups.

What can faith bring to health?

What is it that faith communities and faith-based organisations provide that helps to support health and wellbeing? This is a question we often grapple with at FaithAction. It’s something our work with the Health and Wellbeing Alliance helps us to explore, and it’s something we […]