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11th – 15th September 2023

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How social cohesion initiatives led by community and faith groups are contributing to strengthening London’s resilience to shocks

Protection Approaches has been commissioned by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to undertake new research into how social cohesion initiatives led by community and faith groups are contributing to straightening London’s resilience to shocks and stresses. 

London has faced recent challenging situations including the cost-of-living crisis, terror attacks, heatwaves and fires, flood events and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the effects of international crises such as conflicts and natural disasters.

As climate based and other risks increase over the next decade and beyond, understanding what works in building social cohesion and how that work is contributing to the capital’s resilience is vital. For this research by ‘social cohesion’ means strong positive relationships, connectedness, and solidarity between people from different backgrounds beliefs and circumstances.

Protection Approaches wants to hear from community and faith groups across the capital on three key questions:

  1. What work are you doing that Is building strong and positive relationships?
  2. Does the work you are doing mean that communities in London are more prepared or able to support each other during shocks and chronic stresses?
  3. What stops you from being able to do more of the work that you know if effective?

Protection Approaches will be highlighting your work in case studies and key learning through a report intended to influence the work of the GLA city resilient team, London communities’ emergencies partnership, faith and belief sector panel and wider work of the London resilience partnership.

How to tell them about your work?

  1. Questionnaire – Simplest way to tell them about your work is to fill out this simple online form which can be accessed here – submission deadline is 5pm 20th May 2024
  2. Share your work over email: You can send us your contributions or links to them on [email protected] – submission deadline is 5pm 20th May 2024
  3. Participate in an interview – Spend 60-90 minutes chatting to Protection Approaches about your work
  4. Workshops – Organizations can contribute in any of the ways above will then be invited to a workshop in the summer to explore key questions about the relationship between cohesion and resilience together

Protection Approaches is a London Based Charity working to change the way identity-based violence is understood and by doing so, change the way they respond to and prevent it. They work to support and champion community led approaches to building connected and cohesive communities to communicate the evidence of what works to local and national government to strengthen state-led system transformation’ and to foster greater engagement between community and policy experts.

To read more about how you can get involved, please click here.

For more information please contact project lead Derek Oakley on 0203 859 9509 or [email protected].