Friendly Places

in lockdown

There's no health without mental health.
We want to highlight the fantastic work that faith communities have been doing throughout the pandemic, supporting the mental health of their communities.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the mental health of many people, causing or exacerbating feelings of depression, anxiety, worry and loneliness. While the full impact of the pandemic on mental health remains to be seen, it seems certain that faith groups will continue to play a huge part in the recovery of the nation.

There is a significant and positive role for faith communities to play—both within their own congregations and in the wider community. This stems from the position of faith groups as places of community, of meaning, and of connection

Over 300 groups have signed up to our Friendly Places pledge, and they have been getting in touch with us to let us know the great work that they have been doing—identifying challenges, coming up with solutions and reflection upon the impact made.



Sumitra Goyal, Radha Krishna Temple, Romford 

Transforming Communities Together

Su Parker, Bringing People Together Coordinator in the Black Country, Staffordshire, and North Shropshire


Mohammed Dawud Ali, Khizra Mosque. Manchester 

Community Resources

Sally Dixon, Project Coordinator, Dagenham

The Hope centre

Angela Metcalfe, Project Director, St Helens


Stephen Smith, Chaplaincy Liaison, Mental Health,  Bournemouth

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