in Lockdown
There's no health without mental health.

The hope centre

Angela Metcalfe

The Hope Centre Project Director, St Helens

What was the challenge you identified?

We support local people that face challenges ranging from homelessness, food poverty, unemployment, poor mental health and financial problems. Our vision is to change to the landscape and culture of St Helens by bringing about genuine hope to people’s lives.


What was your solution?

We deliver six projects, working with statutory and voluntary partners to address the needs of the local community. Our projects range from running a foodbank to providing support to new mums and families that are financially and practically burdened.  We have many volunteers to help us, particularly during 2020.


What difference has it made?

Our projects help to support the mental health of the community by providing hope and help – we are often the first point of reference for those who need it. We are inspiring the people we work with to fulfil their potential and empower them to become active members within their and our community.