in Lockdown
There's no health without mental health.

YMCA Bournemouth

Stephen Smith

Senior Accommodation & Support Worker, Chaplaincy Liaison, Mental Health

What was the challenge you identified?

As a charity we hold dear our Christian heritage and are inspired by our Christian values. We support people, of all faiths and none, with their housing and accommodation. Many of our clients suffer from poor mental health that impacts upon their ability to move on in their lives. Some of them have also issues with addiction and have suffered bereavement.

What was your solution?

We started running wellbeing sessions, based on the Kintsugi Hope programme. Our YMCA housing staff and our residents have both taken part in the sessions and found it to be very useful. The groups facilitated discussion and support, with a blend of spiritual input with practical suggestions for improving mental and emotional wellbeing.

What difference has it made?

Both staff and clients benefited hugely from the course, which took place during the first lockdown. Some clients were motivated to do courses in Maths and English to improve their employability. The staff feel blessed to be able to help clients more with their wellbeing, as well as their own.

We now offer our clients wellbeing groups that have a blend of spiritual input and practical suggestions on mental and emotional wellbeing and facilitated discussion and support. This is based on the Kintsugi Hope wellbeing project. We also ran the course for our staff
YMCA Bournemouth