Could you be a healthcare support worker?

Working as a healthcare support worker (HCSW) in the NHS will give you the chance to learn new skills and make a difference to the care patients get. HCSW roles are a great role to step into clinical care, which many people stay in for a fulfilling career, both because they are making a difference and because there are many learning and development opportunities on offer.

In addition, HCSW roles offer routes into other positions in the NHS, such as a registered nurse, allied health professional, or other non-clinical roles. Most HCSW roles don’t require previous healthcare experience and the necessary training is provided.

What is a healthcare support worker?

The words ‘healthcare support worker’ describe lots of different jobs in the NHS. These jobs include healthcare assistant, nursing assistant, and more. Whatever the job title, HCSWs are a really important part of how the NHS looks after people. There are many parts to the role and every day can be different. HCSWs often help patients with practical things, including washing and dressing, making beds, and serving meals. As a HCSW, you can also learn more technical skills if you want to, like how to take blood, or check a patient’s blood pressure, temperature, or heart rate.

HCSWs work in lots of different NHS services such as mental health, maternity, learning disabilities, and children and young people’s services. They work in hospitals, GP practices people’s own homes, and the community.

You can find out more information about the role here.