#FaithinPartnership Week

11th – 15th September 2023

See what happened during our week celebrating and championing cross-sector working!

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy want to hear from you! Complete their survey on the Energy Bill Relief Scheme

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy are seeking the views of organisations on the Energy Bill Relief Scheme as part of the scheme’s three-month review.

The survey will be used by the government to help make decisions on the scheme in March when it is due for renewal.

The department is keen to hear from VCFSE organisations about their experiences with the scheme, so that their views are taken into consideration.

The survey will be open for responses until 11:55pm, Sunday 30th October

The survey is designed for a wide range of organisations, but the following is useful for VCFSE sector organisations to be clear on:

Question 1.2: Please select the standard industrial classification (SIC) code for the industry in which your organisation operates.
Where appropriate to include, SIC codes can be found here: https://resources.companieshouse.gov.uk/sic/

Question 1.3: Please provide a description of the industry in which your organisation operates (e.g. hospitality).
Please use one of the options from the following list to denote your primary focus.

  • Charity: General charitable purposes (including grant making)
  • Charity: Education and training
  • Charity: Advancement of health or saving lives
  • Charity: Disability
  • Charity: Prevention or relief of poverty
  • Charity: International development/humanitarian aid
  • Charity: Accommodation/Housing
  • Charity: Religion
  • Charity: Arts/Culture/Heritage/Science
  • Charity: Amateur sport
  • Charity: Animals
  • Charity: Environment/Conservation
  • Charity: Economic/Community Development/Employment
  • Charity: Armed Forces/Emergency Services Efficiency
  • Charity: Human Rights/Religious or Racial Harmony/Equality or Diversity
  • Charity: Recreation
  • Charity: Other


  • Youth services
  • Social enterprise

Question 1.4: Is your organisation a non-profit organisation? (e.g. a charity)
Organisations that select ‘yes’ will be asked to provide their charity number, where applicable, at Question 1.5.