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COVID-19 and VCSE mental health providers

The Association of Mental Health Providers has launched their new briefing paper on the impact of COVID-19 on the VCSE mental health provider sector.

COVID-19 and the VCSE Mental Health Sector is a live briefing document based on the experiences of their members and outlines the impact of the pandemic on their services and the people that they work with and for. Their conversations with members have enabled them to gather intelligence and information on the challenges that are being faced by provider organisations, which they have categorised into nine key priority areas that require urgent attention and a response from Government.

The VCSE mental health sector continues to face many challenges in delivering services during COVID-19 and it is vital that service providers working in the community are supported to enable them to continue delivering essential, life-saving services to vulnerable people who need it most. The suggestions and recommendations outlined are necessary and urgent for the VCSE mental health sector to be effective and sustainable, and remain in a position to support people with mental health needs, the local communities, and the NHS during and after the pandemic.

The briefing paper is available on their website here.