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11th – 15th September

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Government announces Prevent strategy review

Last week, the Government announced there will be an independent review of the Prevent programme, which aims to stop vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism.

The Security Minister, Ben Wallace, announced in Parliament that the Government would accept an amendment to the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill that was passed by the House of Lords.

Security Minister, Ben Wallace, said:

I have decided that the time is now right to initiate a review of Prevent. Communities across the country have got behind the policy and are contributing to it because they want, as we do, their own young people to be protected from grooming and exploitation by terrorists.

Over the last two years the Home Office has built on the solid work of Prevent by releasing annual statistics. They clearly show that Prevent is not about singling out any particular group or ideology but is similar to other forms of safeguarding, carried out every day by social workers, teachers and police.

I am proud we have helped divert hundreds of people away from posing a real threat and put them back on the path of living a fulfilling, law abiding life.

This review should expect those critics of Prevent, who often use distortions and spin, to produce solid evidence of their allegations.