Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

New report: meeting the needs of women with multiple disadvantages

‘Jumping through hoops: How are coordinated responses to multiple disadvantage, meeting the needs of women?’ is a new report from the Making Every Adult Matter Coalition (MEAM), AVA, Agenda and St Mungo’s.

The research explores three key questions: Is there a good understanding of the experiences and support needs of women experiencing multiple disadvantage and how these needs differ from men? To what extent is good practice in supporting women with multiple disadvantage being followed in these areas? And what is the impact of a more coordinated approach to improve support for women experiencing multiple disadvantage?

The findings highlight again the importance of integrated working, involving the specialist women’s sector, and trauma-informed support (including support for staff/volunteers) in meeting the needs of women with complex needs.

Read the report: meam.org.uk/jumping-through-hoops