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How are you helping older people find meaning in life?

Age UK – our partners in the Health and Wellbeing Alliance – have published a new report, ‘Struggling to Cope with Later Life.’

The analysis shows that almost one and a half million over-65s feel that what happens in their life is determined by factors beyond their control. Almost a million say that their life rarely or never has any meaning for them.

These feelings are more prevalent among the oldest age groups, with nearly 1 in 5 over-85s thinking their life rarely or never has meaning, compared with 1 in 10 aged 55-65.

The report explores these issues in greater depth and includes a checklist of top tips for older people and those around them on how to avoid getting dragged down as they age, and how to get to a better place again if this happens.

Based on interviews with older people, the research finds that some who have led busy and purposeful lives can end up feeling that their contributions are long forgotten and that they don’t count for anything anymore.

As part of the research, Age UK also produced a series of video interviews with older people around difficulties they feel asking for help and support, employment, debt and money worries, and choice and motivation. Watch the interviews here

At FaithAction we’d be interested to hear whether you have come across these issues, and what your organisation does to help older people find meaning in life. Please contact Rodie at [email protected]