The Difference Creative English Can Make

There is one thing that strikes me most when I visit the Creative English hubs. It doesn’t matter whether the hub is in Bradford or Bristol or Luton or Lancashire – the thing is just how much fun the learners have. The learners and the volunteers always talk about the fun and laughter of each session. And it’s through this fun that the learners can learn and gain confidence. I hear stories of learners using their new-found confidence in many situations – at school with their children, or at the doctor’s explaining what the issue is. Learners feel empowered to use the language they have, to get out and get involved. Some are now volunteers themselves, helping to run Creative English classes. They arrive early to set up, and stay after to tidy away. They’ll often say that they look forward to this time each week, and “what will we do when it finishes?”

Another product of this laughing together is friendship. Learners tell me that they have met a neighbour at Creative English, and now they meet outside of class to chat, go shopping and drink tea together. The community begins to talk. Neighbours become friends. Some classes I know of have the problem now of too many learners in the class, because they have developed such good relationships and don’t want to leave.

And to think, these are just some of the results from Creative English… where pink wigs and puppets are bringing the community together!