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11th – 15th September

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Bored of the General Election? You are not alone…

I recently went away with my family (Rhodes, Greece – worst weather for 30 years so no real tan) and I did not miss the General Election updates. In fact, when I logged back on to my e-mails on my return I deleted most of the updates from political parties.

It isn’t that I do not vote (I’m registered and I’ve never missed the opportunity to raise my voice), and I don’t know exactly who I’m going to vote for (I’ve done the policy quiz twice)!  It is just that I’m bored of the same political discussions and the ‘he said, she said’ that goes on during the election process.  From talking to others, I know that I am not alone with this feeling.

Housing, immigration and of course health are things that matter.  However I long to hear from a political party what they will do to support the things in the country that are working and how they will highlight the difference that community makes.

At FaithAction we have our own manifesto, focused on Faith Too Significant to Ignore for the difference it brings in communities across the country.  Faith groups offering health checks in faith centres saves the NHS thousands.  Faith groups providing mentoring in schools and giving children and young people a vision for their future helps them progress into Employment, Education and Training when they leave.  These initiatives support central policy initiatives and save money – so why don’t we hear political parties talking about how to encourage and extend these services?

If you want to know more about what FaithAction stands for, visit our manifesto page here: http://yoursay.faithaction.net/ and we will keep you posted on our work to highlight Faith too significant to ignore.