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11th – 15th September

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Ramadan Tent Project’s Response to ‘What a Difference Faith Makes… To Homelessness’

FaithAction has published a commendable report concerned with faith-based organisations and homelessness. The document offers an informative overview of interest to both policy makers as well as community-based organisations in their ongoing efforts to tackle one of the most pressing social maladies within our society today.

Aside from putting forward issues and challenges that exist at a grassroots level in England, FaithAction has provided a source of inspiration for faith groups striving to achieve their benevolent goals. Only noticing the diverse array of faiths included (e.g. Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist) in the report is an achievement in itself considering the space created for interfaith dialogue, partnership and more importantly a powerful message to challenge negative stereotypes. Sharing good practice and taking a closer look at what other faith organisations are doing across the country, does undoubtedly create a sense of unity and optimism for the future.

Standing out from the several intriguing segments of the report were the recommendations directed towards faith groups. Specifically it was the call to lead by example, build communal relationships and speak out on behalf of the many ‘voiceless’ amongst us, which really struck at the core of our own identity as an organisation.

Promoting leadership and the community spirit under the overarching framework of humanity, we aspire to work towards ‘building homes and not just housing’ as correctly pointed out by FaithAction. Embodying the universality and tranquillity of Islam during the holy month of Ramadan we hope to help people like Tony – mentioned in the report – to empower themselves and those around them rather than just being the exception of the rule. It is with great humility that we accept our place in this exemplary document and we would like tosincerely thank FaithAction for including our team amongst the numerous case studies outlined.

Nevertheless beyond recognition or past achievements we are determined to produce generations of volunteers dedicated towards conveying the beautiful values of our religion, tackling homelessness and most of all bridging dialogue in a manner that highlights the importance which all faiths have to play together in fostering the ideal environment for social entrepreneurship, community-building and tomorrow’s leaders.

Yours truly,

Ramadan Tent Project


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