Fast Track to Funding in Birmingham

Last week, we held our first Fast Track to Funding session in Birmingham, and it was great to have such an amazing group to kick off with. The Fast Track sessions were first run a number of years ago, when we became aware that quite a few groups had funding applications written by people that hadn’t had any previous experience – partly because existing funds had dried up, but also because there were limited opportunities for new funding available.

“I would definitely advise everyone to attend this session in the future.”

–Participant at the Birmingham session

This new course is based on the same principles as our last one, but this time it comes with the added benefit that FaithAction is now a grant-giver ourselves through the Together in Service fund. The course particularly looks at transferable skills that can be applied to any fund that you choose as well as how you can utilise your existing contacts.

We had some great feedback from the day, with groups saying that the session was “very detailed and helpful” and calling the training “immensely useful”.

We held the training at the Nishkam Centre, and I think everyone benefitted from a tour of their services at lunch time. It is always good to see-faith based work in action – and we certainly saw that at the Nishkam Centre.

If you want to find out more about the Fast Track to Funding programme, you can read about it on the site here, or get in touch with us. There is a small charge for the workshop; however, there is also a promotional code that we can offer you (but don’t tell everyone!)

Fast Track to Funding, Birmingham