#FaithinPartnership Week

11th – 15th September

See what happened during our week celebrating and championing cross-sector working!

Diary of a Creative English Trainer: Day Two

Chickens and sardines are the order of the day!

Day Two

Lego Wonder Woman

The Loxford Children’s Centre staff have excelled –  practically standing room only today! We’ve gone from six to sixteen learners!

And still just one gentleman (albeit a very brave and tenacious gentleman!)

We were a little like sardines, but all good fun!

Today we investigated what Sally and Peter’s family look like when they are getting ready for bed (not a pretty sight!) and later, what Sally and Peter look like when they go shopping in Tesco! Peter seems to love expensive DVDs! Takes time to break the mould of expectations from previous experiences, but we’re getting there – last week’s Peter and Sally were well up for repeating their performances! Lots of laughs all round!

Once again, our volunteers Gwyn and Zarqa were amazing! With so many new learners, they were leading groups, collecting personal details, translating into Urdu…

You can never have enough volunteers!

A brand new shy lady arrived half way through, and it turned out she already knew two of the people, so she decided to stay!

Then we played, “I went shopping and I bought…” and Sandeep bought a chicken, so I just had to do my world famous impersonation!

Feedback from this week was ‘Fantastic!’, overheard on the way down stairs!

Looking forward to when the big room is ready for us!