Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

Health and Social Care Reform

Health and Social Care Reform

Since the coalition government came into power in May 2010, the Department of Health has been churning out different consultations and white papers to help meet the Secretary of State for Health’s 5 main priorities.  These are:

  1. That patients are the heart of everything the Department of Health and the NHS do.  More than simply beneficiaries of care, but participants of design
  2. The NHS being focused on achieving continuously improving outcomes for patients – not inputs or processes but results
  3. Empower clinicians and those responsible for patient care to deliver those improvements
  4. Prioritising prevention and creating a public health service that will improve overall health outcomes and make the demands on the NHS more sustainable
  5. Reform Social care alongside healthcare to deliver closer integration in how services are commissioned and provided.

To find out more about each change, have a look in our resources section for our ‘What does it all mean?’ Document especially developed for Faith based and community organisations.

We need your voice!

FaithAction, as a strategic partner of the Department of Health has a specific voice into the work and priorities of the department.  If you have an opinion about anything, make sure you raise it!  E-mail [email protected]or call us on 0845 094 6350