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About Dr Anne Smith

Creative English Lead Trainer

Dr Anne Smith is the Lead Trainer and Founder of the Creative English programme. In this role, she writes session plans and materials, trains facilitators and supports those delivering Creative English. She is responsible for developments of the Creative English programme, including variations to support Health Professionals and Creative English: Family Learning.

Why We Need People

The video below is a ‘found poem’ by FaithAction’s very own Dr Anne Smith, taken from an automated transcript of a very important meeting. Now are you what you are A you you you you you you you Using a house in my face You […]

The Spider-Man of the 18th

This week, we witnessed Mamoudou Gassama, a migrant from Mali, hit the headlines – with an extraordinary video of him scaling four stories up the side of a building in Paris to rescue a four-year-old child dangling from a balcony. This remarkable feat of resourcefulness […]

Fighting feelings of paralysis one cup of tea at a time. A response to Louise Casey’s review

Speaking of her visits to the Calais Jungle, Sharon Kanolik from The Old Vic/The Young Vic said, “I felt more welcomed than I have anywhere else. People invited me into their tents and offered me food. There were lots of moments of hope and humour, meeting bright resilient people.”