What a Difference Faith Makes… to Homelessness

This new FaithAction report views homelessness as primarily an issue of public health. We highlight the role of faith groups with contributions from over 30 organisations.

The report shows the dual role of faith-based organisations in homelessness – their meeting of a frontline practical support requirement and their advocacy to influence public and political debate. We explore the issues they face and the ‘faith factor’ that influences their work.

FaithAction – Our Manifesto 2015

FaithAction has now launched its Manifesto!

The Manifesto contains seven proposals for politicians, policy makers and funders with the aim of securing stronger partnerships for faith groups. Among these proposals are wider adoption of the APPG on Faith and Society’s Faith Covenant, implementing the Social Value Act with the help of faith groups, and the appointment of a Cabinet Minister for faith-based organisations.

You can join in on the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #faithmanifesto.

FaithAction has personally delivered copies of the Manifesto to a number of senior figures, including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Labour’s Policy Coordinator Jon Cruddas, and Senior Conservative MP Jeremy Lefroy.

Leeds joins APPG on Faith and Society’s Faith Covenant

On March 5th, Leeds City Council became the second local authority to adopt the Faith Covenant!

The council and the faith groups of Leeds have committed to working together to deliver the services the city needs.

Faith Too Significant To Ignore

We believe that faith is too significant to ignore and that it can reach places in communities that nothing else can. If you agree with us, we ask that you lend your support to our Faith Too Significant to Ignore campaign.

In November, we held our national conference in support of this campaign. More information on the event, plus photos from the day, are available here.

Friendly Places Pledge

Mental health problems are common and will affect 1 in 4 people in the UK during their lifetime. We believe that faith groups and communities play an important role in the support of mental health and they that can be places that welcome and support people with mental health issues.

If you agree with us, show your support by signing our Friendly Places pledge!