Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

Restoring Wolf Fields in Ealing

arocha_logoA Rocha, with the help of a grant from Together in Service, have been working hard with the local community to renovate the Wolf Fields green space in Ealing.

Their efforts are turning it from an area known for fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour into a space which will allow people to come together and learn about environmental issues, as well as serve as a place for the community to grow food.

November 2014

arocha_04Over the month of November, 25 people came to at least one weekly work day and contributed 102 hours of time. This has increased from October, where 16 people contributed 88 hours of volunteer time and in September, 16 people contributed 42 hours.

In November, groundwork was done to ready the site for winter. Despite wet and cold working conditions, volunteers picked up litter, cut back brambles, mowed back brush and some of the taller vegetation and cleared the overgrown path. They helped clear the remainder of the path outline so the contractor could complete all of the path, which was finished at the end of November.

One of the participants said, “We’re working for the benefit of our own community, and I don’t mind if it rains or freezes.”


November 2014

arocha_02Over the month of December, 4 people came to at least one weekly work day and contributed 11 hours of time. This decreased from previous months, probably due to weather. Of the volunteers over the months, there were 16 new volunteers in September; 9 in October; 9 in November, and no new volunteers in December.

On 13th December, we hosted an evening meal to thank those that had volunteered thus far, and 18 of our volunteers were able to attend and socialise together.

Work in December included clearing more areas and sowing ‘green manure’ plants, which will be cut for compost next year. Netting and mulching was put down to protect seedlings from frostbite.

As the paths have just been completed, two local residents who are confined to wheelchairs where invited to ‘test’ the path, and they declared it was suitable for access and that the site is friendly to welcome wheelchair users.