Carers UK research report: Carers of Faith

Carers UK, fellow members of the VCSE Health & Wellbeing Alliance have published a new report on unpaid carers and faith: Carers of Faith.

Recent ONS Census data found that a significant proportion of unpaid carers (59%) in England and Wales identify with a religion, including 49% who are Christian and 6% who are Muslim. Carers UK research found that nearly a third (30%) of carers who identified with a religion said that having a faith or religion helped improve their health and wellbeing.

Practical provision which enables carers to take a break, access information and advice, as well as emotional support is vital for all carers. However, having religious or spiritual beliefs can play a valuable role in helping some carers to cope with these difficulties, and to have a more positive and less stressful caring experience.

Faith organisations and groups, along with places of worship, can play an important role in supporting carers. Some organisations, including those mentioned in this research report, already support carers by organising carers groups, providing emotional and spiritual support, and signposting to advice and information about caring. However, only Carers UK research found that only 7% of carers of faith received support with their caring role from a faith organisation or place or worship, suggesting that faith communities could play a greater role in supporting unpaid carers.

You can read the full report here