OHID Training: Improving Access to Services for People Experiencing Multiple Disadvantage and Co-occurring Conditions

Aneemo are holding a launch event for a new training course ‘Improving Access to Services for People Experiencing Multiple Disadvantage and Co-occurring Conditions’. Join us on the 3rd of October, where they will provide a preview of this training programme and host a group discussion featuring Alison Keating, Head of Alcohol and Drugs at Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID).

Backed by OHID and in partnership between Homeless Health London Partnership, Transformation Partners in Health and Care and aneemo, the UK’s leading online training platform for health and social care professionals and volunteers working with multiple disadvantage, they are excited to introduce this new training course for client-facing practitioners.

The e-learning course was created to increase the awareness, understanding and practice about the experiences of people facing homelessness and the barriers in accessing services.

The comprehensive curriculum will benefit both frontline staff and system leaders across all sectors, but particularly those working in health, social care, housing, substance use, the voluntary sector, and the criminal justice system.

Through four modules with 23 bitesize training videos by 20 leading experts and experts by experience, you will:

  • develop an understanding of the individual, service and system level barriers that exist for people who experience co-occurring conditions and multiple disadvantage
  • recognise the prevalence of trauma and how to work in a trauma-sensitive way
  • be given practical and creative approaches to assessment, engagement, and support
  • hear about best practice examples and key changes to policy and legislation to support advocacy and service access
  • recognise the importance of gender-informed service models and peer support

The course also covers the use of legislation such as the Care Act, Safeguarding, the Mental Capacity Act, NICE guidance, Drug Strategy and the NHS Long-Term Plan, and explores what a trauma-informed criminal justice system could look like.

The online launch takes place at 2:30-3:30pm on 3rd October 2023. You can register here.