NHS@75 – An invitation to have your say

On Wednesday, 5th July, the NHS will turn 75 years old. This significant milestone is an opportunity to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future.

NHS England has asked the NHS Assembly which serves as a guiding coalition to the NHS England Board, to lead the NHS@75 project that draws together collective insights on the NHS today, takes stock of recent learnings, and highlights future opportunities and challenges.

It is with this in mind that we, as the Assembly’s Co-Chairs, extend this important invitation to you to join our NHS@75 Conversation.

Join the NHS@75 Conversation. Your contributions to this conversation, no matter how brief or in-depth, are important. NHS England want an honest discussion; recognising what is difficult, as well as celebrating what is going well.

This engagement will be presented to the NHS Assembly, with the aim of seeking consensus on the future development of the NHS. They aim to summarise insights in a short public report ahead of the 75th Birthday; and to inform more detailed work as part of the Assembly’s ongoing role advising NHS England.

The NHS@75 engagement will run from Tuesday 2nd to Friday 26th May 2023. They are asking for feedback on the questions in the conversation guide as soon as you are able, with a final deadline of 23.59 on Friday 26th May.

You can find more information, including the link to the online feedback form, on the NHS Assembly webpage