NHS England: Cancer Patient Experience Survey

Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2022

NHS England has launched its national Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES), asking for feedback from cancer patients (16 years and over*), to inform and improve local cancer services across England.

The NHS want patients to have the best experience possible and hearing about your experience is crucial in helping them to deliver what you need and want.

The NHS and cancer charities use the results to understand what is working well and which areas need improvement. The results enable them to identify national and local priorities and work with patients and partners to deliver improvements.

Those who were treated for cancer as an inpatient or day-case, and left hospital in April, May or June 2022, will be invited to take part in the survey.

If you receive an invitation, please fill out the questionnaire and have your say so we can deliver the best possible service to patients. If you need support completing the survey or need it made available in another language. you can call the free helpline number: 0800 103 2804.

For more information about the survey and other ways to provide feedback on cancer care please visit www.ncpes.co.uk.

*A new survey has been launched for those aged 16 and under, www.under16cancerexperiencesurvey.co.uk