Cyber Security and Social Care Charities

The Voluntary Organisation’s Disability Group (VODG) and National Care Forum (NCF) have been commissioned by the Better Security Better Care Programme and Digital Care Hub to research the ways in which social care charities and not-for-profit organisations are particularly susceptible to cyber attacks, and whether there are certain patterns/approaches that are used to target these organisation. The aim is to make recommendations for strengthening or targeting support for the sector. The project focuses particularly on social care which is frequently only considered alongside health.

The key to VODG and NCF work is to hear from social care providers that are charities/not-for-profit organisations. Your insights are vital to their work and will help shape key recommendations that will advance digital best practice in the sector.

If you would like to take part you can complete the Cybersecurity survey.

VODG and NCF are also looking for organisations to talk about their experience with cybersecurity as a charity/not-for-profit in social care. If you would like to discuss in more depth then please get in touch with Peter Loose at VODG via [email protected]