Locality Launch Community Manifesto

Locality have recently launched a manifesto at their annual Convention in Bristol.

It sets a ten-year vision that calls for a “community power revolution”, predicated on knowledge that local communities are best placed to transform lives and create a fairer society.

It calls on the next government to make five big reforms, including for the health system:

  1. Introduce a Community Power Act to strengthen community rights. This act will give new rights for communities to take control of local buildings and local investments.
  2. Create a National Community Ownership Strategy that boosts community ownership and capacity from energy to housing to health.
  3. Put communities in charge of local economic development, giving residents more control over local regeneration spending and devolving employment and skills support to the hyper-local level.
  4. Make collaboration – not competition – the guiding principle of public services. Reforming commissioning and shifting NHS budgets to community-led prevention.
  5. Champion community-led housing and neighbourhood planning – giving communities a tangible stake in their neighbourhoods.

Locality are keen to speak to partners about the Manifesto and see what opportunities there might be for influencing around shared priorities.

Please contact Locality directly should you wish to discuss further.