Do you want to co-design a human rights support “solution” with BIHR?

The British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) invite you to get involved to co-design a human rights “solution” with BIHR. During this project, they want to support community groups and voluntary groups to find human rights “solutions” to problems or issues they face.

They want to ask you – if you had a blank page, what human rights support would you want from us at BIHR? What would it look like?

Their first step is to host a free, online event for community and voluntary groups where they will launch the opening of applications for the ‘co-design a human rights solution’ programme.

At the event you will;

  • Hear about the solutions created by their 2022 community partners.
  • Learn about the Human Rights Act from one of BIHR’s Human Rights Officers
  • Find out how to apply to co-design a human rights solution with BIHR, starting in September 2023. Whether that’s a resource, a training session, a video, or something else entirely.

The event takes place on Tuesday 15th August. You can find out more here.