Stop the Squeeze: Invitation for faith leaders to sign open letter on Cost of Living Crisis

Stop the Squeeze is a coalition campaign of over 50 civil society organisations, trade unions and grassroots groups (such as Oxfam and Save the Children) which aims to build support for a bolder progressive agenda on the cost of living crisis.

The coalition would like to bring together faith leaders from across the country to sign their letter to the Prime Minister and Sir Keir Starmer, and are looking for faith leaders to sign the letter in a personal capacity, not as representatives of an organisation or faith. You can see the letter in full here.

Their aim is to demonstrate that bolder solutions to the cost of living crisis are necessary, feasible, credible, and popular with the public. The coalition want to shift the national debate in order to increase the possibility of politicians adopting solutions which both tackle the immediate crisis and address the structural problems with our economy that have led us here.

The campaign is not putting forward a detailed policy programme, but is supporting a broad agenda consisting of three basic demands:

  1. Guarantee affordable, clean energy for everyone
  2. Ensure everyone has access to a Living Income
  3. Reform the tax system with higher taxes on wealth

The coalition would like to build energy around these demands ahead of the upcoming Spring Budget (expected 15th March) so there is a tight deadline of Friday 3rd March. For more details, please contact Megan Davies at [email protected]