GLA Mapping of Services for Migrants, Refugees, and Newly Arrived Communities

Groundwork London are supporting the Greater London Authority (GLA) to finalise the Mayor’s new Migrant Londoners Hub.

This is an online resource to support present and newly-arrived groups of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in London to understand their rights and to be able to access safe advice, guidance, information, and assistance to meet their needs.

Groundwork and the GLA need your help to map out charities that provide support to refugees and migrants in London. This is a part of the Mayor’s promise to champion London’s diversity and foster the social integration of all Londoners, regardless of where they were born.

To do this, organisations can complete a two page survey, to share information about your charity service, including the location of activities delivered to support service users. This information will be collected and processed by Groundwork to build a map of services, where Londoners will be able to find charities offering support in their local area.

More information can be found here.