UK NGO Human Appeal White Paper: Faith and Charity

A study, Faith and Charity, commissioned by UK NGO Human Appeal has been published.

The paper, on the topic of Faith and Charity, gives insights on the interplay between religion and modern charitable actions in the UK. Research was conducted to explore why people donate to charities and how their relationship with charitable organisations has changed in recent years.

Despite households across the country being hit hard with high inflation, rising energy and food prices, the nation is unwilling to forget those in greater need. One third of respondents have increased their charitable donations following the pandemic and nearly half became more aware of charity work in their local communities during the Covid lockdowns.

The white paper’s research also found that the role of charity has become much more prominent around the UK. But even as the cost of living rises across the country, respondents were unwilling to cut back on their support for charitable causes.

You can read more about the white paper here.