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11th – 15th September 2023

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Evidence for Equality National Survey

Reports of the uneven effects of the pandemic on ethnic minorities suggest that certain groups have experienced severe and long-lasting impacts on their health and economic circumstances

The Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity has recently launched the new Evidence for Equality National Survey (EVENS). Working with a range of partner organisations, including The Ubele Initiative, Race Equality Foundation and Operation Black Vote, EVENS will survey more ethnic and religious minorities than any other survey. The sample of 20,000 will include 17,000 ethnic and religious minorities, and will survey a wider range of ethnic and religious groups than other data, including Roma, Sub-Saharan African and Jewish populations. The survey will cover topics not included in other data that are of relevance to policy and practice, including experiences of racism, policing, wellbeing, caring, social isolation, identity and belonging, Black Lives Matter, social cohesion and political participation. Find out more here

EVENS invite ethnic and religious minorities (18+) to take part in and be part of the evidence. For more information, visit www.evensurvey.co.uk, and to take part please visit https://bit.ly/evensurvey. Those who complete the survey will receive a gift voucher as a thank you.