Richmond Group releases new report on health equity and people with multiple conditions

As the Taskforce on Multiple Conditions publishes its final report – ‘You only had to ask what people with multiple conditions say about health equity’ – The Richmond Group of major national health and care charities is calling on national decision-makers to act on its powerful findings or face growing health inequality, worse outcomes for people and a growing bill for the Treasury.

The research for the report focused on four areas of England containing communities on low incomes, people from minority ethnic groups and people living in both urban and rural environments. It combines the insights of the professionals and services working in those places with those of the people living there.

The report contains stories of eight people who shared detailed insights into how they manage their own health, their own views and experiences of how well health and social care services have worked for them, and how they would really like to be supported. The report also includes the insights of a further 20 people with multiple conditions interviewed in the same places.

You can read the report here.