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Churches have vital role to play in post pandemic recovery, new report says

Churches and other places of worship have a vital role to play in the post pandemic recovery, expanding their contribution as important community hubs, new research shows.

The report  – led by the University of York  – says existing church networks will be vital in helping to restore individual and community wellbeing and building future resilience.

Co-Directors of the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, Dr Dee Dyas and Dr Kate Giles led the research.

Dr Dyas said: “Being allowed to reopen to visitors as part of the road map is only half the story. Churches have an even bigger job to do now because of increased need – that means they will need to find further support and resources to maximise what they can offer communities at this critical time in the nation’s recovery.

“Normally churches act as a ‘National Wellbeing Service’. They are vital community hubs, providing cradle-to-grave activities for everyone to access and are usually key places of comfort and refuge in times of crisis.

“They offer a lifeline to many and provide an almost invisible infrastructure of care, support and socialisation for people of all faiths and none across the whole country. It wasn’t until much of this disappeared overnight, because of enforced church closures, that its full importance to individuals and communities was realised.”

Read the full press release with key findings here.