Care under Covid-19: Providing spiritual and pastoral support at a distance

This Theos Think Tank event launches a new report by Simon Perfect, which explores the contributions of university chaplains during COVID-19, the challenges they have faced, and what can be learned from their experiences.

At this event, you will be hearing from chaplains and pastoral carers in a number of different sectors about their experiences during the pandemic, with a particular focus on the challenges of doing this work when physical presence is restricted or lost.

  • What does chaplaincy look like when physical presence is restricted or lost?
  • What should chaplains and pastoral carers learn from the pandemic to develop their practice?
  • And how can this sector, which involves a high proportion of volunteers, be given the support and recognition it deserves?

More broadly, the event reflects on the themes of presence, accompaniment and hope, as they apply to this work during COVID-19.

The event is on 17th March 19.00 – 20.30

Registration is available here.