Do you have experience of the NHS breast screening service?

The NHS Digital Breast Screening Team are looking to host calls with people from the following communities who have experience of breast screening service.

  • Ethnic minority groups
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People with physical disabilities
  • Trans and gender diverse people (trans men who have breasts are eligible, as are trans women who have been on hormones for at least two years)
  • People living with mental illness
  • People living in more deprived communities
  • People who are homeless
  • People who are sex workers
  • People from the traveller community

The questions will cover:

  • The invite process
  • About why you didn’t attend (if you didn’t)
  • About the appointment (from the point of view of your interaction with the NHS workers in the clinic)
  • About the result process
  • Any further appointments you had (the issues and barriers you faced)

The NHS are looking for connections before the end of March.

If you can contribute, please email [email protected]