Call and Care: The new National Christian Helpline

A new initiative has been launched by Christian broadcasters, Premier, called Premier Lifeline: the National Christian Helpline, Call and Care. It has received funding from the UK Government Coronavirus Emergency Fund through the Community Fund.

Call and Care is a project for churches, organisations and community groups to reach out and support people in their communities by equipping and training local volunteers to make contact by telephone.

  1. Identified need – Many people in our society today are isolated and lonely. The number of people and the intensity of isolation have been exacerbated by the circumstances surrounding the pandemic and varying stages of lockdown. Many do not have access to, or experience of, using online solutions, but almost everyone has a telephone.

  2. Vision – That all those who are isolated are provided with the opportunity of receiving a regular contact.

  3. Mission – To encourage people to make contact with and support those who are isolated by means of the telephone (and other appropriate media), through organised local Call and Care Teams delivered by Community Groups (churches and other organisations).

  4. Implementation – The local Community Group identifies a coordinator/core group and a team of call-makers, who will work under their leadership to call out to an identified list of people on a regular basis to check-in with them and be there for them.

  5. Training – Call and Care provides the online resources – free video training consisting of twelve short videos with written transcripts to help prepare the call-makers for their role.

It is a way to offer supportive pastoral care at a time when meeting together is severely restricted and to keep in touch with the members of the community, thereby reinforcing a sense of belonging and increasing well-being.

For information, to view the free videos and to sign-up please go to