#FaithinPartnership Week

11th – 15th September 2023

See what happened during our week celebrating and championing cross-sector working!

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Involved in the health and care sector?

  • What a Difference Faith Makes… to Alcohol Use
    Our exploration of how different faiths view drinking and how faith can help support people with drinking problems
  • What a Difference Faith Makes… to Homelessness
    Our exploration of how faith groups are helping to support homeless people and the differences in a faith-based approach
  • Building Dementia-Friendly Faith Communities
    How faith groups can support people with dementia in their communities and link up with public services
  • Working with Faith Groups to Promote Health and Wellbeing
    Produced in association with the Local Government Association, this report looks at how local government can work with faith groups to better support health and wellbeing in their communities.

Interested in social issues?

  • Right Up Your Street: Faith’s Response to Loneliness
    See how faith is building community and supporting people with loneliness.
  • What is Community?
    Our findings from research into what the core ingredients of community are.
  • What we have to say about English Language Learning
    How faith communities can build integration and belonging through learning English.
  • Domestic Abuse: Recommendations for Faith Leaders
    Suggestions and tools for addressing domestic abuse in faith communities.
  • What Works in Prisons
    An exploration of how faith-based organisations and communities are supporting offenders and their families during and after prison

Looking for evidence and case studies?

  • How Faith-Based Organisations support our Health and Care system – A collection of case studies from our Faith and Health Awards 2018, highlighting how faith communities support a diverse range of health issues.
  • The Impact of Faith-Based Organisations on Public Health and Social Capital
    First of its kind in the UK, this report examines the work of faith organisations, the effect they have on public health, and how they can work with public health bodies for greater impact.
  • Making the Case for Faith and Health
    Our guide for faith organisations to help them better evaluate the work they do and help build up the evidence in support of faith-based organisations working in public health.
  • Inspiring Others: The Impact of Faith on Public Health
    A collection of case studies looking at five faith-based groups working to improve health in their communities.
  • Keeping Pressure Off Hospitals
    Our findings on  how faith groups and organisation are supporting people with out-of-hospital care and helping to reduce the pressure on our primary care system.