#FaithinPartnership Week

11th – 15th September 2023

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The Human Tissue Authority wants to hear your views on deceased organ donation

The Human Tissue Authority has a statutory duty to provide advice and guidance for practitioners carrying out activities within its regulatory remit, in order to ensure they know how to comply with the law.

Following the proposed new legislation to introduce deemed consent for organ and tissue donation in England, the HTA will be updating its Codes of Practice on consent and donation of solid organs and tissue for deceased donation in England.

Faith and cultural beliefs are important considerations in end-of-life care and conversations about organ and tissue donation. They want to let you know about an opportunity to input in developing the HTA’s Code of Practice which will provide guidance to staff on their discussions with a potential donor’s family (those in a ‘qualifying relationship’) before an organ donation can take place, and how faith and cultural beliefs should be part of that conversation.

The Human Tissue Authority has developed an online survey around faith and cultural beliefs and would appreciate if you could complete it by 31 January – www.surveymonkey.co.uk

Roundtable Event Monday, 25 February (Westminster, London)

The Human Tissue Authority has also set up a roundtable meeting focussing on these areas of the Codes of Practice that they will be holding on Monday 25 February in Westminster, London.

At the end of their short survey, there is an opportunity to register your interest in attending the roundtable event.

If you want to submit your views, please ensure that you complete the survey by the end of January.