NHS Expo 2018 Webinars

For Expo 2018, the biggest NHS-led event in the calendar, NHS England is making it easier to take part in Expo-related learning through a series of webinars before and after the event. You can take part in these whether or not you are going to Expo. The Webinars run from the 14th of August until the 18th of September.

Find out about the webinars and register here

Don’t forget that if you want to attend Expo, which is on 5 and 6 September in Manchester, contact [email protected] / 020 8597 2900 for a code that allows you to book complimentary tickets.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar. You will usually need a computer that is connected to the internet, and a telephone. You will see PowerPoint slides presented on your computer screen, and there is usually an opportunity to type in a ‘chat’ box at the side of the screen if you have any questions. In order to hear the presenter and participants, you can either phone in to the meeting, or request that the meeting automatically phones you, which is free, even to a mobile. You hear the meeting audio over your phone, like a conference call, while watching your screen. You can usually ask questions or make comments if you want to, but you don’t have to if you want to just listen.