When my employer told me to get on my bike (sort of)

Cycling to work 3 days a week sounded heroic but often felt a bit of chore – especially in the winter. But driving was actually no quicker – and a lot more expensive.  When the wind was blowing and sleet was stinging, I just reminded myself that I was saving, time and money and keeping fit.

What also helped was knowing that my employer – a Christian charity – cared about my journey to work. We were a staff of less than 40, but they bought a tall locker for my clothes and gear. When others started to cycle a new locker was purchased and they later installed an indoor bike-rack so that we could keep the bikes safe and out of sight.

At the time of my leaving, they also adopted the Cycle to Work scheme which saves money, is tax efficient and helps employees buy their bikes more cheaply using something called a salary sacrifice facility.

It was great to have an employer that recognised the health benefits of cycling to work and adopted simple and inexpensive ways to support the staff in their wellbeing.