But I’m not a real employer, right?

Faith groups do some fantastic work… reaching and accessing communities that are most in need and providing services that others simply can’t!  That’s one of the reasons I work for FaithAction – to help groups that help transform the communities around them and make them better places.

However, having been around faith based organisations for a while and faith groups, I know that when it comes to line management, HR and other employer rights etc. faith groups aren’t necessarily in-tuned to it all  – that’s because they are doing great work in the communities…

So this year, we’re making it easier for you… FaithAction is partnering with the Health Work and Wellbeing Group (HWWG) – one of our fellow Department of Health Strategic Partners – to provide you with some resources to help you, your organisation and those around you.  We’re doing the research and tailoring for you – so you don’t have to.