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PHE Webinar: Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing of People from BAME Communities During and After COVID-19

Wednesday, 9th September 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm
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Public Health England are holding webinars addressing key mental health challenges created by COVID-19. These webinars are aimed at the local public and mental health system: service commissioners, providers, public health teams, frontline staff working on health and social care, education and childcare, key public services, and local VCSE charities, among others.

Supporting mental health and wellbeing of people from BAME communities during and after COVID-19

This webinar will focus on effective mental health support for people with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds during and after the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak in communities in England.

This webinar will provide insights into:

  • Understanding structural racism and how everyone has a role to play in tackling it in society, institutions, practice and policy.
  • Structural racism and mental health – responses to the report Beyond the data: Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on BAME groups.
  • Work on systems interventions and commissioning to tackle wider determinants in mental health and inequalities in health service provision across the life course.
  • Mental health promotion and service delivery challenges for BAME and marginalised communities; using culturally adapted and empowering approaches.
  • Engaging with marginalised and BAME communities to rebuild trust.

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