Get financial and sustainability support

Get financial and sustainability support

Strengthening Faith Institutions

Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI) is a network that helps to  ‘professionalise’ faith groups, allowing them to be more sustainable, resilient, and have better access to funding. By joining the SFI network, your place of worship will gain access to a package of support—worth £1,500—absolutely free, including an organisational health check and a personal plan of training covering governance issues.

SFI is a programme backed by the Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government and run by a consortium of faith institutions.

Registering as a charity

If your faith group or place of worship is active in its community (e.g. for “public benefit”), you may be eligible to register as a charity.

Many funding programmes are only available to charitable organisations, so registering can open up many new opportunties for you. However, being a charity also involves new requirements and responsibilities, so please ensure you read the guidance below beforehand.

Options for financial support

There are a number of grant funds set up to help businesses and charities out during the coronavirus pandemic, along with some other ongoing options. We’ve collected together a list of what’s currently available to you.

The Government has made available a number of options of financial support that are available to all businesses, including charities.