Building Back Better

The Role of Faith

A New Deal with Faith Communities

In 2020, Danny Kruger MP was asked by the Prime Minister to conduct a review of how best to unlock the potential of civil society in Britain and sustain the community spirit evidenced in the initial national lockdown. After receiving many written submissions and conducting dozens of interviews, Kruger released a report, Levelling Up Our Communities, which proposed 20 recommendations all geared towards establishing a new ‘social covenant’. (Danny Kruger MP has continued this work with Miriam Cates MP through the launch of the New Social Covenant Unit.)

Significantly, Kruger sees faith communities as playing a key role and proposes a “new deal” between government and faith communities, and suggests that the Faith Covenant (developed by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Faith and Society) “may be the basis for the practicalities of the new deal.” For a FaithAction review of this proposal, see this blog by Dr Anne Smith.

See below for a collection of reports, articles and toolkits in the realm of faith and policy, either related to the ‘new deal’ or to different aspects of how faith communities can work together with government, both nationally and locally.

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