Building Back Better

The Role of Faith

Faith in the Future

The magnificent response demonstrated by faith communities to the pandemic has irrevocably proved the significance of their role in British society, but what role should they play now and into the future? We wish to suggest that faith communities ought to play a central role beyond crisis-response in sustaining the sort of cohesive, prosperous, happy and healthy society we all desire to live in, but questions remain as to what exactly this should look like.

  • What assets do faith communities have to offer? What can they uniquely contribute?
  • What are they doing already? How can it be scaled up?
  • How can their potential be unlocked without providing services that ought to be performed by the state?
  • What challenges are likely to hit society hardest in the coming years? Who are the most needy in society going to be? In what ways are faith communities well-positioned to serve those needs?
  • What would facilitate faith communities working more effectively together? … or with councils? … or with businesses and other sectors?
  • What are the main needs in specific cities and regions, and what capacity do the faith communities have to play a part there?
  • What challenges are faith communities likely to face? How might they need to adjust?

These are the sorts of questions that will be discussed in the content below. We invite you to join this important conversation.