So… what does matter to us?

Following last week’s survey opener, we’re able to bring you some preliminary statistics from the first round of responses.

There’s still much to play for—so if you haven’t responded yet, our remaining quick surveys will be launched each week, and they’ll remain open at least until the General Election, just to make sure everyone has time to respond to each one.

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So, what are people saying?

We asked people to name their three top priority policy areas for a future government.

In terms of consistent responses so far, most people cited Health as one of their three key areas for government attention.

The responses were as follows:

We also asked what you’d most like the next government to spend its money on.

We had some excellent responses, many of which were thought provoking and challenging.

Here are just a few:

Community empowerment/connection, reviving local high streets/community spaces, clearing the NHS backlog and building houses.

[We need to be] recognising other faiths as a strong basis for community spirit.

Something more foundational to the future of the UK is how we treat each other.  It horrifies me that we no longer appear to be able to respect each other when we disagree.  "A nation divided against itself cannot stand.”

[We need to] reinvigorate the inter faith network.

The economy needs to be strengthened - reduce red tape - spend some money on improving infrastructure, transport, educational and health to make a more thriving UK for all.

Fact-based policies that welcome and integrate refugees, youth work and policies which reduce or remove need for food banks.

Ensuring people with disabilities are given the opportunities to fulfill their potential.

Mental health provision for young people.

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About David Simmons

Senior Project Coordinator

Having spent the first years of his professional life in the City of London, David has spent the past 19 years working in the Voluntary Sector, as a children and family practitioner, and latterly as a social researcher, for which he was awarded a PhD in 2013 with the University of Greenwich.

He runs his own company, Absolute Communication, and has worked with Cinnamon Network, Eido Research, Future Perfect, REACH Community Projects, Refresh in Weymouth, Yeovil 4Family, and Sussex Police, among others.

David is also a musician, singer, songwriter, and actor, having co-produced three musicals, and has also produced a one-man version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.